A Premium Event Experience

Senior decision-makers driving cross-border and industry collaboration to fight crimes across APAC

The event, held under Chatham House Rule, will give 100+ leaders the unique opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss strategy, and drive the indispensable collaboration to fight financial crime in APAC. This event goes beyond just Money Laundering - focusing on how industry compliance leaders can contribute to fighting human trafficking and exploitation, forced labour, and modern slavery.

ICA President's Dinner - 03 October 2024, 6-9PM 

  • Networking opportunity over dinner to meet peers from across the sector and region
  • Enjoy a welcome drinks reception to kick-off the Summit
  • Make the most of your travels, and meet with the other Summit attendees on the night before the event starts 

Summit - 04 October 2024, 9-5PM

What will be discussed?

  • Sanctions: Whilst geopolitical turmoil affects business around the globe, the eyes of stakeholders in ASEAN and APAC are turned towards China, and the impact of evolving sanctions on surrounding countries and financial institutions
  • The role of the industry in fighting crime, and looking ahead: Cross-border collaboration, public-private partnerships, industry partnerships, data and intelligence sharing
  • Regulating new market entrants and ensuring customer safety: Compliance and financial crime for Fintech, payments, and e-comms firms
  • ESG: Combatting green washing, corruption, and bribery
  • Resources: Balancing shrinking budgets with the surge of new regulations in Southeast Asian countries, as well as unlocking resources and investment
  • Technology and AI: Integrating new technology whilst mitigating the risks and understanding AI, its risks, and ethical challenges
  • Processes: A thought-provoking conversation on what truly needs to change to make the detection of criminal activity by banks both more accurate and efficient

Learn and exchange with your senior peers through a wide range of session formats: 

Plenary Panels:

  • Hear the insights of regulators and senior leaders across the industry
  • Learn more about the trends that affect you and your team for the foreseeable future 
  • Put your questions to panellists and join the debate

Breakout Sessions

  • Interact with speakers and peers in a more intimate setting, with only 50 other guests in attendance 
  • Listen to panels but also get your most pressing questions answered
  • Choose the session that is the most relevant to your own work and interests 

Interactive Discussion Groups 

  • Take part in a 30min discussion with 10-12 other of your peers
  • Have a two-way conversation to exchange ideas, and discuss strategies
  • Make the most of an interactive discussion led by a table host, with pre-prepared questions on your topic of choice 

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